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TBP provides to all its clients a full business package covering and fulfilling all your needs.

Nowadays it is getting more and more important and necessary to provide a working environment which offers a relaxing and comfortable location.

TBP provides 360° green thinking for all buildings and any office space, where your employees and clients can escape the noise, polluted air and stress from the city centre. For us it is important to carefully merge nature with your business. At TBP you can find satisfying and efficient working conditions inside green, enjoying nature every day.

TBP provides offices which fit the needs of each customer. The office needs are accommodated through innovation and long term relationship. On the one hand, innovative ideas for your modern and flexible office space. On the other hand, with the Lindner Group having 50 years of experience in the construction business, we are providing European interior fit out and M&E standards at a stable rent price.

Also you can find convenient parking facilities for your company staff, clients and guests.

Tirana Business Park is located in the Commune of Preza, just 5 minutes away from the International Airport “Mother Theresea” and only 20 minutes away from the central business district. Access to the Port of Durres can be reached within 30 kilometres.

The location provides a full connection to all important and necessary places in Albania and at the same time is placed in a green environmental location.

The management concept of Tirana Business Park is created entirely to serve the tenants needs. The facility management team is responsible for the maintaining of a smooth and pleasant working environment, so the tenants can focus on their business. The Park offers a great variety of services, some of which are:

24-hour security
CCTV system and controlled access to each building
Cleaning and maintenance of the external and internal common areas
Window cleaning and facade maintenance
Electrical, plumbing and HVAC maintenance

The Project Development Area (PDA) will be dedicated for offices, retail space, commercial areas, shops, food, storage, internal and external parking spaces and supporting services while the Resale Area (RA) will serve to any demand arising, being an area tailored to the needs of TBP’s customers.

It represents a genuine concept of urbanism, architecture, landscape, traffic, and infrastructure for a premium business activity. At TBP sustainable architecture blends with nature, by bringing positive impact on users’ work-life balance; at the same time, high priority is given to the service provided and the premise facilities and flexibilities.

Today, TBP offers underground and ground parking facilities of 10,000 m² for your company staff, clients and guests. There are two additional parking buildings planned in the next phases.

Networking is one of the most important topic when doing business. We as TBP want to have a working environment where we can meet new partners and create successful partnerships. Supporting and helping each other is a fundamental topic in our park.

The transport to Tirana Business Park is provided by public and private transport, taxi and car pool connecting the Park with the city and the airport.

Since October 2016 has been officially confirmed that Tirana will provide a train starting from the city centre and ending at the airport. The last stop before the airport will be close to Tirana Business Park, which will be reachable in a walking distance.

TBP’s essential must haves are finding the right way to provide a good Work-Life Balance. Our clients, their employees as well as their clients can enjoy integrated recreational facilities like cafés, restaurants, parks & plazas and car parks accessible in walking distance. In future, kinder garden, medical centre and gym, as well as a car wash park are planned.



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