Albanian Skills Week 2018

Tirana Business Park had the pleasure to support Albanian Skills throughout the Professional Skill Week 2018. The IV edition of Albanian Skills, unlike the previous editions, lasted for a full week.

From May 7 to May 12, Albanian Skills (AS) developed 20 different activities that promoted the professional skills of young people in Albania. There were also 8 competitions in professional courses such as gardening, wiring, social media, hotel-tourism, graphic design, on site development, programming and photography.

Tirana Business Park supported and followed the activity "Think, Work, Live Green" which was organized with the students of Kamza Professional High. This competition was organized in three phases. The first phase started on 07th of May with the introduction of the concept, location, criteria and the organization of the project. On the 9th of May was selected the winning theme among the four excellent presentation. Following, together with their teachers, the students ordered the tools, the plants which were needed for the project implementation. At the end, on May 11, the students did an excellent team work under the supervision and advice of their mentors and staff of Tirana Business Park. During this week, the dedication of the Mr. Selman Shquti and Mr. Danjel Hoxha, the two gardening teachers was remarkable.

The partners in this fourth edition were numerous, citing companies like Tirana Business Park, Schneider Electric, ITE Group, Albesol. Urmet, A BI ESSE, EuroElectra and Communication Progress and Lindner Group, which open the doors for Albanian youth by providing practical training sessions. Also important contributors were educational institutions such as Polytechnic University of Tirana and secondary vocational schools, Gjergji Canco Electrical School Tirana and the Very Functional Center for Vocational Education and Training, Kamez

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