Welcome to Tirana Business Park

Tirana Business Park is a project aiming to establish a business park and an economic centre of European standards, and to give the Albanian area a real potential of economic and social development. With this in mind, we will change the way business is done. Tirana Business Park stands for a new, excellent working location: A city within a city. It is a genuine concept – urbanism, architecture, landscape, traffic, infrastructure – for a premium business community.


  • Business and Service Ecosystem – New Consulting Frontiers

    On January 26, 2018, it was opened the first co-morning coffee for 2018 at Berlin Hall by Dr. Xhimi Hysa and Dr. Vusal Gambarov. The topic was: Business & Service Ecosystem – New Consulting Frontiers. Dr. Hysa introduced the ecosystem design thinking as a new mindset in the era of servitization... more

  • Saint Nicolas at SOS Children's Village Tirana

    As per tradition St.Nicholas is celebrated on December 6th and he is the barer of gifts.On Saint Nicolas Day we had the pleasure to meet the incredible children of SOS Children's Village in Albania. This event filled our hearts with their laughs, their joy and their amazing attitude. Meeting... more

  • EQ Cafe-POP-UP Festival by. Mr. Abdullah Veliu

    There isn’t wrong and right, there is only different which makes the World so rich and beautifulToday at “Tirana Hall” conference room we had a great synergy created though the EQ Cafe-POP-UP Festival organized by Mr. Abdullah Veliu, Consultant on Supporting Change at Six Seconds Certified EQAC &... more


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